Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Rates!

With our current economy still in a slump - we have looked hard at our expenses here at the farm, and will be offering you different boarding options that you can select that will meet the best care for your horse and help out with your pocket book.

Option#1 - Full Stall Board - Includes stall bedded and cleaned daily, with daily turn out, hay at least 2 times per day, and up to 4 lbs of grain per day. $215.00 per month

Option #2 - Stall Board - Includes stall bedded and cleaned daily, daily turnout, and hay at least 2 times per day. Owner supplies own grain if needed. $190 per month.

Option #3 - Full Pasture Board - Includes hay at least 2 times per day, and up to 4 lbs of grain per day. $135 per month.

Option #4 - Pasture Board - Includes hay at least 2 times per day. $110.00 per month.

Still the same great quality care and attention to detail!

High Pines Farm has 20 stalls with attached 60x120 Indoor Arena, 125x200 Outdoor Arena, 60' round pen, inside hot water wash stall, boarders tack rooms, free trailer parking, Orion Timed Lights.

Show horses, trail horses, and your best friend - all are welcome here!

Contact me for openings and to arrange a tour - we'd love to visit with you!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Stall Openings!

We currently have stall and pasture board openings available. We are a great small facility located only a 10 minute drive from Portage, Pardeeville, and Montello areas.
Our facility has the following: 60x120 Indoor Arena; 125x200 Outdoor Arena; 60' Custom Built Round Pen; Inside Hot Water Wash Stall; Boarders Tack Rooms with Lockers; Free Trailer Parking.

Your horses care includes: 14% Pelleted Quality Grain. Vitamin/Mineral Supplement. Quality Hay. Supplements Fed at No Charge. Fly Masks/Sheets/Blankets/Spray - put on at no charge. Daily turnout in small groups. Stalls cleaned daily. Stalls available with Orion Timed Light Systems. Stalls are airy, well lit, and ventilated. Worming on 8 week Rotation.

No restrictions on which vet or farrier you use.

Please contact us for more information and to arranage a tour of the facility!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We are officially unburied from 12 inches of snow, and surviving the major cold temps!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2010 Show Season

Wow - Its over - sadness......buy hey 2011 is just around the corner!!

Have stall openings available!! Please call to arrange a tour and to come join our barn family!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Over due News - July 29th, 2010

Hey All!!!

Welcome Back!

We have possible openings for boarding - please check for availability.

Monday night lessons with Darren Honnold - sign up on board if you are attending!

Show Season going well!

Fair is over - and kara had a great 1st year!

Bo is starting his Senior year in high school soon and will be having his 18th birthday in a couple of weeks...

Keeping it brief!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesson Schedule / News

Hi All!

Upcoming Lesson schedules with Bill Heiser:
Saturday, November 28 - 2 groups 10:30 and Noon
Sunday, December 6 - 10:00 AM
Saturday, December 12
Sunday, December 13
Sunday, December 20
Saturday, December 26
Sunday, December 27

We are currently FULL on boarding - If you have any interest, please let me know, as I can put your name down if an opening becomes available.

We have purchased a new horse - his reg name is Peppys Shiney Pistol. He is a 5 yr old registered sorrel gelding that is reining and cutting bred with the lines of One Gun, Miss Pepsan, and Mr. Blackburn. We purchased him from Dan & Carol Vale in Stoughton WI. We plan on showing him next year at the ranch horse competitions. he has a lot to learn in a short time - but should be a strong contender for the all-around and reining events.

Depending on how "Peppy" advances, I'm not sure if Gus will continue with the reining events. With the new rule change in APHA, he is eligible for regular paint papers - so he might go back to being a "pleasure" horse... haha....

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Group Lessons

Next date for group riding lessons with Bill Heiser:
Saturday, November 14 - 2 sessions: 10:30 AM and 12 Noon
Sunday, November 15 - 1 session: 10:00 AM

Thanks everyone for attending - we are having alot of fun with these, plus it's been fun having everyone at the barn too!

Sign up on the dry erase board, or just give me a call and I'll put you on.